20 Philippine Hospitals Compete In Larong Pinoy Sports Fest

24 Sep

In celebration of the National Hospital Week last August, twenty (20) Philippine government hospitals will be competing in a Palarong Pinoy Sports Fest at the Marikina Sport Center.

Surgeons, Physicians, Doctors, Nurses, and medical staff will all take time-out to play the games of our heritage — Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Piko, Luksong Lubid, Luksong Tinik, and other Filipino Street Games — and “emergency leave” that will make them re-live their youthful spirits.

A total of 600++ plus medical practitioners participating in the games will be divided into six (6) teams, playing in two divisions.

The Philippine Hospitals that participated in the Palarong Pinoy Mini-Olympics were:


DOH Undersecretary Ted Herbosa welcomes the Doctors & Nurses during the event

Rizal Medical Center

Dr. Jose Reyes Medical Center

Philippine Orthopedic center


Quirino Memorial Medical Center

Valenzuela Medical Center

Las Pinas General Hospital


Dr. Jose Fabella Medical Center

East Avenue Medical Center

Tondo Medical Center


San Lorenzo Ruiz Women’s Hospital

Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center

National Children’s Hospital

Philippine Children’s Medical Center


National Kidney & Transplant Institute

San Lazaro Hospital

Research Institute on Tropical Medicine

National Center for Geriatrics Hospital



National Center for Mental health

Lung Center of the Philippines

Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center

Marikina Mayor Del R. De Guzman graced the occasion to greet the medical practitioners commented, “It’s a happy sight to see adults playing the games of our heritage, and doctors and nurses at that”

The National Hospital Week Sports Fest is organized by Magna Kultura Foundation, the chief proponent of the Traditional Filipino Street Games in the Philippines.  Magna Kultura Foundation has been organizing Larong Pinoy in schools, Barangays, and recently, have been conducting mini-Olympics for local corporations.


“It is not true that Larong Pinoy is vanishing in the Philippines”, according to Dickie Aguado, Executive Director of Magna Kultura Foundation, “In fact, a lot of companies have been requesting for us to organize a Pinoy-flavored Olympics for their employees.  They want something new, away from the usual western games; and something “old” like Larong Pinoy, to make them feel young again.”

Contrary to the notion that the Filipino Street Games are no longer played, as some perceives that it has vanished in Philippine society; in urban and rural areas, a great majority of  children still play the games with their neighbourhood friends.

Larong Pinoy is a cultural treasure that is well-accepted by all Filipinos across all ages. The Filipino Games are timeless.  It is still cherished by many, as it is part of our heritage.  Larong Pinoy’s popularity encompasses not only the youth, but adult and elderly generation as well. It’s a timeless cultural treasure.  It promotes fun.  It promotes culture.  It instills patriotism.

Aguado adds, “The Doctors and nurses celebrating the National Hospital Week will surely be having a meaningful bonding experience.  It will make them young again”.

Buhayin Nating Ang Larong Pinoy. Buhayin Natin Ang Diwang Pinoy.

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