Fostering Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship

24 Sep

With the belief that strong understanding of our national culture is the key towards building a strong civil society, Magna Kultura Foundation launched educational and cultural programs designed to make Filipino citizens understand and appreciate the importance of the Filipino national culture.

Having learned our national culture, citizens are helped not only to nurture and develop but also to draw from them a set of Filipino values that may serve as a strong foundation of a way of life.

The foundation implements projects in art, culture and history. Most of our programs in communities. Our activities are educational and culturally enriching, with workshops and activities that provide meaningful experience to youths and adults. Our activities are geared to motivate people to become active citizens in building better communities to live in.

Take for example our Larong Pinoy program.  While we are reviving the “heritage games”, our real purpose is to instill patriotism (love of things that are Filipino) among the new generation, as well as Family Bonding. We realized that letting the kids experience the games is more effective than “lecturing” them on the subject; after all, play is the best way of learning.

Magna Kultura’s Larong Pinoy program is a good example of social and cultural entrepreneurship that addresses relevant societal issues, at the same time, reviving the “games of our heritage” (a cultural treasure) in the age of high-tech games and gadgets.

Magna Kultura Foundation takes its projects direct to the people, reaching out in communities. We make our activities accessible to citizens.

To sustain the programs, Magna Kultura develops local advocates, and creates an ecosystem for transformation.

To ensure continuity of programs implemented in areas visited by the foundation, local chapters are established with home-grown talents trained to run and cascade the same activities among citizens in district-cities. Since 2005, Magna Kultura has been establishing community-based cultural clubs and community action teams in the Greater Manila Area and in key provincial cities.

Local based secretariat teams are trained with organization management skills, as well as artistic and production craft to enable them to implement educational and cultural activities in the locale.


Magna Kultura Foundation equip individuals and/or associations with the professional and technical skills necessary, as well as materials and resources needed to properly implement and sustain its programs.

The foundation works in alliance with local civic organizations, academe-based groups and youth leaders, and community-based organizations, in the development and implementation of the programs.


We build advocates in communities, and together, create an ecosystem of transformation.

Magna Kultura is committed our fellow-Filipino understand, appreciate, nurture and develop our national culture and having done so, draw from it learning’s about our good and time-honored Filipino values.

Our quest is to help citizens to become responsible and enlightened citizens, proud of the rich heritage of a truly Filipino culture, yet always cognizant and appreciative of the need to understand the cultures of other people’s as well.



We dedicate our service to arts and culture

for it steers the soul towards the principle we advocate.

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