About The Author

DICKIE AGUADO is the Executive Director of Magna Kultura Foundation, a Social & Cultural Entrepreneur who implements community engagement programs at the grassroots of Society. He is a marketing consultant to private and government corporations. He develops corporate social responsibility programs, social marketing campaigns, social mobilization and community engagement efforts.

Concurrent to his stint as Executive Director at Magna Kultura Foundation, Dickie Aguado is a Marketing Consultant to private and government corporations: Developing Integrated Marketing Promotions, Public Relations Programs, and conducting Trade Marketing Promotions in district-territories in the Philippine region.

Magna Kultura Foundation is an arts and cultural organization NGO implementing educational, cultural, and socio-civic programs nationwide. The foundation was established by Dickie Aguado on June 2, 2003.

Magna Kultura specializes in developing grassroots community engagement campaigns that connects companies with with various sector organizations, like village-community associations, school and universities, transport organizations, and civic organizations.

Magna Kultura conducts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns for private corporations as entrepreneurial approach to raise funds for the foundation and sustain relationship with the community-sectors.

The synergy between private corporations and community-based organizations, helps the economy at the grassroots and fosters social enterprises in communities; at same time delivering day-after sales and business results for corporate partners.

To date, Magna Kultura Foundation has AN ACTIVE DATA-BASE OF 80,000++ SARI-SARI STORES in Greater Manila, supporting small-medium enterprises.

Contact Information

Direct Line: Tel No. (632) 5145868
Mobile CP Nos.: +63 917 8990025 (Globe) or +63 922 8990026 (Sun)
Email Address:


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